Netent vs Playtech Outlook

By 19 January 2021

Over the years, casino software providers have struggled to stamp their authority on the online gambling market. Netent and Playtech are among those companies. Online sites like have benefited immensely from this competition. They get the best softwares available.

Netent vs Playtech Comparison

The three big companies in casino games are Microgaming, Netent and Playtech. Arguably, Microgaming is the most reputable of them having released the innovative online casino way back in 1994. Netent powers a number of popular sites including .

Competitive Analysis Of The Two Games

Microgaming has been the strongest player in the gaming industry for years. But in recent times, it has slowed down, paving way for more players. This saw the emergence of Netent and Playtech, both of which have grown to major companies.

Emergence of Playtech and Netent

It is no doubt that Netent and Playtech are the most promising providers at the moment. Both have aimed at creating exciting games and expanding their target audience. Generally, surveys show that customers prefer Playtech over Netent, but is true?


NetEnt vs Playtech Stats

According to the gaming research company iGaming, in the year 2017, Netent and Playtech took the top two positions among casino software companies in Europe. When it comes to powering online casinos, however, report shows that Playtech was the most acknowledged.

Netent came in second with a relatively smaller share. Other game developers like IGT, Random Logic and Microgaming compared poorly to the top two in terms of market share. This shows that in Europe, Netent and Playtech are very dominant.

Sports Betting Websites

When it comes to sports betting websites, Playtech was once again ranked at the top, leaving Netent in the second place. The competition here is tight because the third and fourth placed had almost the same score as Playtech.

Financial Stats: NetEnt vs Playtech

Playtech is a large company listed on major stock exchanges. The price of one Playtech share stood at $7.1 while those of Netent went for $3.9 per unit. In 2017, Playtech earned $990 Million while Netent revenue stood at $175 Million.

Innovative Approach Comparison

Here, Netent beats Playtech hands down. The company is known for creating interesting games and has won the award for most innovative gaming company for three years running. Some of its outstanding games are When Pigs Fly and Quest for Immortality.

Playtech Software Comparison

Although Playtech was established several years later than Netent, it holds a strong lead when it comes to casino software development. Playtech focuses on the cross platform techniques that enable easy gaming on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

User Experience Comparison

The success of any gaming company heavily depends on the user experience. Despite Playtech having a lot of users, Netent is ranked higher when it comes to user experience. The company has exciting features that are irresistible to users.

Specific Features Comparison

Notably, the success of Playtech is credited to its reputation and inaugural efforts. For instance, it was the first company to develop mobile optimized games and currently lists over 500 unique game titles. Netent has managed only 278 unique game titles.

Branded Slots: Playtech

Due to its partnership with the biggest brands in the world like HBO and MGM, Playtech is able to build unique and exciting games like The Mummy and Gladiator. It also offers a superb collection of Marvel-themed slots featuring the Avengers.